1 subject:     €125
2 subjects:   €240
3 subjects:   €350
4 subjects:   €460

Average size: A4-A3 or slightly larger or in between: you choose.

- do not include framing, wrapping, shipping.
- may vary for custom sizes and additional (fantasy) elements: e.g. dragon, special background...

For prints, cards, posters:                                                                                                  

- digital scan + editing of the image + lay out text: €50 - €100
- prints +/- 1€/item depending on size and quantity  - contact me for a detailed price estimate

* Please mind that I can only paint a good portrait from a good photograph. It does not have to be professional, but it should be clear and sharp. I can take a picture of your model, free of charge, in my studio.

For gifts: contact me and receive a personalised voucher!